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Mihai & Mihaela Mincu - Toronto, Ontario

I came to Toronto from ROMANIA, under an Employment Authorization at first.  After a few months, my wife and children joined me here as visitors.  Mihaela Boeriu and CGS Consultants helped me obtain Student Authorizations for my two children and then she helped my family apply for permanent resident visa.  Within a few months, without even being requested to attend an interview, I was asked to do my medical exams and then we received the permanent resident visa.  We are very pleased with the way our case was handled by the company and recommend it to anybody interested in having his immigration issues  handled with personal care and responsibility.

Luanda Mataj - Toronto, Ontario

When your friends tell you about the high standard of life and the huge possibilities offered in Canada, you always envy them for the luck they must have. I think this is not a dream anymore, as long as you try the process of immigration.

I met Michelle one year after I started the procedure of immigration through her company, and immediately found her to be very trustworthy. We prepared my file together and the company always contacted the Canadian Embassy on my behalf. The step by step immigration procedure came naturally and was easy for me to follow, and I think that CGS Consultants is an extremely reliable, dependable, and secure company. I strongly believe that they increased my chances of making my dream come true. I recommend it to anyone who has the intention to immigrate to Canada.


Ajay Patel - Toronto, Ontario

I went to the USA from INDIA, to take my Master Degree. After that, I decided I wanted to live in North America. Canada seemed to be the right choice for me and my family. CGS Consultants and Michelle helped me fulfill my family's dream. I am working now in Toronto and we are happy to be here. Thank you again for your help.

Gezim & Milva Likcani - Edmonton, Alberta

We met Mihaela in Tirana, ALBANIA and she gave us hope for a better life in a new country.  CGS Consultants helped us not only to hope, but to transform this hope into reality.  Our communication and exchange of information during the whole procedure was very good and fast, through e-mail, by telephone or mail.  We were really impressed with the services provided, as we received accurate, clear and wide-ranging information on our coming interview, Canada's life and economy and everything linked to the immigration procedure.

It was a pleasure having all your assistance, you have been most helpful and we are sincerely grateful.


Alexander Kuzmin - St. Catharines, Ontario

CGS Consultants Inc. helped me and my family come to Canada from MOLDOVA. As a matter of fact, my interview was waived and in a few months I received my visa. I find that the services provided by the company for those who want to immigrate to this beautiful country are excellent. I warmly recommend Mihaela Boeriu as a very competent consultant, knowledgeable and caring. She is really interested in the happiness of her clients and tries to serve them as best as possible.

Lorelle Coutinho - Toronto, Ontario

I came to Canada from KUWAIT, being helped by Michelle of CGS Consultants company. There is one thing I can say about Michelle: she was prompt and extremely efficient in handling my case. I did not have to wait for answers to my inquiries, she immediately replied to all my questions. My case was filed in Riyadh, my interview was waived and I received the visa in less than one year. I warmly recommend Michelle Boeriu and the company to anyone who wishes thoroughness and detail-oriented care for his or her case.

Corneliu Malnasi - Vancouver, British Columbia

Me and my family came to Canada from ROMANIA.  CGS Consultants Inc. helped us realize our dream of coming to Canada.  We were impressed by the professionalism with which our case was treated, the personal approach and thoroughness of Mihaela Boeriu.  We would certainly recommend without any hesitation the company to anybody interested to come to Canada.

Spiro Deti - Toronto, Ontario

We are a family from ALBANIA and came to Canada with the help of CGS Consultants.  We would like to thank the company and especially Michelle Boeriu for the big help that they gave us.  They helped us all the way, from preparing our file, introducing it to the Canadian authorities, preparing us for the interview and giving us advice on each step until we landed in Canada.  Once in Canada, we got useful information on the work market, how to prepare our resumes, how to find an apartment to rent, which are the first steps we had to go through in order to settle ourselves. 

CGS Consultants is a trusted and secure company that is good at what they are doing and we feel that they increased our chances to make our dream come true.  We would recommend it to everyone who has the intention to come to Canada.  

Victor Sula - Richmond Hill, Ontario

I came to Canada from Moldova with the help of CGS Consultants.  I would like to express my gratitude to Mihaela Boeriu who helped my whole family to go through this complex procedure.  I was granted visa without needing to attend an interview.  Now, after a relatively short time in Canada, I am well established and my family is happily flourishing in the new environment. Thank you again.

Fatos Skenderi - Toronto, Ontario

Thank you very much for your help towards us.  We really appreciate what you have done for our family, helping us obtain the immigration visa and helping us settle in Canada, after coming from ALBANIA.  Our collaboration was indeed very fruitful and we are grateful to CGS Consultants and its staff.


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